Best Bass Lures

Selecting and collecting bass lures is almost as enjoyable as actually fishing them. But which lures catch the most bass? We broke down the top 5 best bass lures based on their proven ability to catch bass, their versatility, and the opinions of many seasoned bass fishermen.

If you’re looking for more information on a specific type of bass lure, then select one of the categories from the menu above. Each lure category page is a complete resource on that particular style of lure, loaded with information and the best techniques to use. Now onto the five best all around bass lures.

1. Bass Jigs

Bass Jigs

Jigs rank number one because of their versatility. You can effectively cover an entire body of water, during any season, with a single jig. They can get in to areas other lures can’t and be fished in so many different ways. Ask any seasoned bass fisherman if they could only use one lure, chances are it would be a jig.

There are different types of jigs designed for certain techniques, but the most popular type is the arkie jig. The three jigs in the photo above are arkie jigs, and they can pretty much cover most jig fishing techniques. You can flip and pitch them, skip them, work deep structure with them, and/or swim them.

Bass jigs are always paired with some kind of a trailer. Most of the time a jig will be rigged with an imitation craw trailer like a Battle Craw. Or if you’re swimming a jig, a paddle tail swimbait trailer like a Keitech is a great option.

Another reason jigs are number one on the list is because jigs get big bass to bite, more so than most other lures. However, mastering jigs and all the different ways to fish them takes practice. So if you’re going to invest time on any lure, jigs are your best bet.

Our Pick The BiCO Original Jig, a 3/8 oz bass jig made by BiCO Performance Jigs. If you’re looking for a great flipping jig or swim jig this does both. And because of its longer, stiffer weedguard this bait is incredibly weedless. All BiCO Jigs are made lead-free in the USA with Owner hooks. Too many people underestimate the importance of having a quality hook on a jig, and it’s tough to beat Owner.

BiCO Jig
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2. Plastic Worms

Plastic Worms

At a very close second are rubber worms. Rubber worms are so lifelike that when engulfed by a bass feel like natural food. This causes bass to bite and hold on longer than they would other lures.

Also there is no other lure that can be rigged as weedless as a rubber worm. You can bury the hook point in to the body of the worm making it completely snag proof and allowing it to get in to very weedy areas. The point will expose itself when you set the hook, executing a good hook set is essential in worm fishing.

There are a handful of common ways to effectively rig a rubber worm, and how you choose a rig will be based on what kind of presentation you are looking to achieve. Some of the most popular worm rigs are the Texas rig, the Wacky rig, the Ned rig, the Carolina rig, and the Drop Shot rig.

They all play their role in worm fishing, but of all the rigs the Texas rig is most commonly used amongst bass fishermen. This rig is completely weedless, making it a great choice for fishing vegetation and other cover without getting hung up.

And there are endless styles, sizes, and colors of rubber worms to choose from, so you can really zero in on the conditions you’re fishing.

Our Pick: The Senko Worm made by Gary Yamamoto. For whatever reason, these worms just flat out catch fish. They are the go-to bait when there is a tough bite. If you’re new to bass fishing and looking for your best chance for some action, these are your best bet. One of the best way to fish them is wacky rigged but they can rigged multiple ways.

senko worms

3. Spinnerbaits


Spinnerbaits come in at number three because of their unique ability to attract bass while covering a lot of water quickly. The fact that they are fairly weedless and pretty simple to fish gives them a bump in the ranks as well. For the most part, spinnerbait fishing is done simply by reeling the bait in a straight retrieve.

With their odd appearance and unnatural-looking action, it’s surprising to most beginners that these baits even catch fish. But when bass see a spinnerbait in action they’re really only seeing the flash from the blade, and focusing more on the head and skirt.

Their odd appearance consists of a spinning blade, or multiple blades, dangling from one end of a bent wire. The purpose of the blade is to attract attention by sight and sound. The flash from the blade and vibration caused as it spins can draw attention from a good distance.

The blades also give the bait resistance in the water, and there are different styles of blades to choose from that will affect the level of resistance. The most common blades are the Willow blade, the Colorado blade and the Indiana blade. Each one gives off a slightly different profile and presentation, but most importantly it controls the speed at which the bait travels.

Spinnerbaits also come in different weights, with the most popular sizes ranging between 1/4 oz and 3/4 oz. The weight is mainly determined by the depth you are fishing, but the most commonly used weight is 3/8 oz. It’s not uncommon to see a trailer hook rigged on spinnerbaits to hook-up on short strikes.

Our Pick: The KVD Finesse Spinnerbait made by Strike King. When it comes to spinnerbait fishing, nobody knows the game better than KVD, Kevin VanDam. He designed this bait with Strike King to create this great all-around spinnerbait that works in a variety of situations. But even with the “Strike King sales pitch” aside, this is just a well made spinnerbait that performs.

Strike King Spinnerbait

4. Crankbaits


This is another lure that can also cover a large area of water in a short amount of time. Crankbaits are a tremendous option for targeting fish in open water and/or around deep cover.

Of course that’s not all they’re limited to. In fact, they are Pro Fisherman Kevin Vandam’s go-to bait under most conditions.

Crankbaits come in various sizes, shapes, weights, and running depths. The correct selection of specifications depends mainly on the depth of water you’re fishing. More so than with other bass lures, making the right crankbait choice plays an important role in determining fishing success.

This is because much of crankbait fishing is simply casting and reeling in a straight retrieve. It’s selecting the right diving depth and color that triggers bites. Although a straight retrieve catches bass most of the time, giving the rod tip a jerk randomly during the retrieve to give the lure some erratic action can help trigger a bite too.

Our Pick: The Square Bill Crankbait made by Strike King. If you’re going to take crankbait fishing seriously you can’t just own one crankbait, but you do have to start somewhere. This bait will cover most waters, more so on the shallow side. This is your classic mid-to-shallow diving crankbait (3 to 6 feet). It’s available in 3 sizes and a variety of different colors.

Square Bill Crankbait

5. Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures

In bass fishing, little can compare to the enjoyment an angler gets when seeing a bass leap out of the water in an attempt to engulf their bait. Topwater lures are not only effective but extremely fun to use, which are two reasons they make the top five.

These lures are designed to ripple the water’s surface, causing popping and splashing sounds as the lure is retrieved. The purpose is to create the appearance of prey in distress, a sound that is hard for a bass to resist. The only downside is that they are sometimes missed by bass charging up from below.

Topwater fishing is at its best in low light conditions, like early morning, late afternoon/night, or on an overcast day. The wind can be an important factor as well. A bass will be able to see a topwater lure much easier on a calm day than if there’s some chop on the water. Take this into consideration when selecting color and size.

Our Pick: The Pop-R made by Rebel. If you have to choose one topwater it should be a popper, and this model is one of the longest running poppers out there. Pop-R’s are easy to use and can be worked super slow or fast. You can also cast them a mile because of the way they are shaped. Work this slow in late summer afternoons for some great topwater action.

Popper Lure

Bass Fishing & Lure Selection

The thoughts and opinions on what bass fishing lures are the best will vary from angler to angler. Bass fishing is a mental sport and a ton of what makes a lure great for a particular angler is the amount of confidence he or she has in it. There’s a big difference between fishing and casting, because a cast without confidence is not really fishing.

Best Bass Lures

Black bass are the most sought-after gamefish in the United States, and are number one in terms of how much money is spent on equipment for them. In fact, more tackle is made for bass fishing than for any other species of fish. This has led to amazing developments of all sorts of fishing gear, many of which have had a special focus on the advancement of largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing lures.

There are new lure designs constantly being produced but they don’t usually last long. The core list of classic lures have been running the show in the world of bass fishing for decades. It’s as if every lure design possible has been designed, tested, and narrowed down to this core list.  Of course a lot of the new lures are designed more to entice bass anglers rather than bass.

Cost vs Confidence

Some lures will have a similar appearance and action as others but with significantly different prices. For instance, a Lucky Craft crankbait is always going to be more expensive than a Bandit crankbait, but an angler can be successful fishing with either one, especially if they have confidence in it.

That’s one of the main attractions of bass fishing it can be as modest or complicated as you want it to be. It is definitely possible to successfully catch bass with nothing more than a single fishing rod and cheap tackle from the shore.

Or, you can have a high-end fiberglass bass boat loaded with the best bass rods and top-of-the-line tackle. The angler who understands his tackle and focuses on technique is the one who will have the most success.

Choosing The Best Types of Bass Lures

It’s great that bass fishermen have such a wide variety of lures available to them, but it also creates countless forks in the roads when trying to decide which to use. This is especially true for beginners selecting lures.

That is the purpose of this website, to help you wade through the thousands of bass lures out there, and select the ones that are going to be best for you and the conditions you are fishing. This information is aimed at bass anglers of all skill levels.

Tackle Boxes

The lures discussed on this website have been successfully catching bass and winning tournaments for decades. The goal is to provide useful information from experienced bass fishermen. Hopefully, with the information from this site, you can find the best lures for your style of bass fishing.