Although not so new anymore, Fluorocarbon line was the latest of fishing lines to get introduced into the bass fishing world. It is similar in appearance to mono but has many attributes that make it different. Some that make it better and some that make it a worse option.

One of the main attractions of fluorocarbon line is how clear it is. Fluoro is the least visible line to fish, especially when made from pure fluorocarbon. Not all fluoro lines are made from pure fluorocarbon, so it’s important to read the packaging carefully.

The percentage of fluorocarbon used can affect the lines behavior drastically. And that’s important because fluoro can be very hard to manage the more rigid it is. You’ll often see a big difference in how manageable the line is when switching from one brand to another.

Fluoro Specifications

  • Lowest visibility
  • High sensitivity
  • Least buoyant
  • Low stretch
  • Less abrasion Resistant
  • Least manageable
  • Expensive

Best Lures with Fluoro

Besides its low visibility, another one of the most well-known features of fluoro is that it sinks. This makes it ideal for diving baits like crankbaits and jerkbaits, or any other lure you want to get down in the water column faster. And less than ideal for lures you want to keep up and on the surface.

It also has more sensitivity than mono but slightly less than braid. This is because the sensitivity has to do with the amount of stretch the line has. It’s important to realize that the amount of stretch will vary from brand to brand. So you need to experiment to find the one that fits you and you’re technique best.

Any lures where sensitivity matters and visibility is high make great choices for fluorocarbon. Some examples would be jigs or soft plastics. You need to feel the bite more so with these lures than others. They’re also slow moving baits so the bass are going to get a good look at them, and the line.

Jerkbaits8-14 lbs
Frogs25 lbs
Punch Rigs17 - 25 lbs
Small Swimbaits8 - 14 lbs
Big Swimbaits20 - 25 lbs
Glides20 lbs
Spinnerbaits14 - 20 lbs
Buzzbaits17 - 20 lbs
Umbrella Rigs17 - 25 lbs
Casting Jigs14 - 20 lbs
Swim Jigs14 - 20 lbs
Vibrating Jigs12 - 20 lbs
Finesse Jigs6 to 12 lbs
Shaky Heads6 to 10 lbs
Drop Shot6 to 10 lbs
Ned Rig6 to 10 lbs
Shallow Crankbaits10 - 20 bs
Deep Diving Crankbaits10 - 20 lbs
Lipless Crankbaits10 - 20 lbs
Poppers12 - 20 lbs
Walk The Dog Baits15 - 25 lbs
Small Rubber Worms6 - 12 lbs
Big Rubber Worms14 - 20 lbs
Tubes6 - 12 lbs
Underspins6 - 12 lbs