How To Catch Big Bass | Top 4 Big Bass Lures

Although it’s possible to catch a big largemouth bass with any lure, there are certain lures that get them to bite more frequently. Trophy sized bass are older and wiser, and have seen the same lures pass by them year after year. So if you want to increase your chances of catching big bass you have to really entice them.

The best big bass lures are ones that are either thrown less often, trigger a reaction strike, and/or have a bigger overall profile. Each one of the lures on this list have one or more of those advantages.

Most of these big bass baits are thrown less often because of the skill level required to throw them. So if you want to learn how to catch big bass you’re going to need to take your bass fishing skills to the next level. Now let’s move on to the number one.

1. Jigs

The main reason jigs are such good big bass lures is they can get in almost anywhere because of how weedless they are. Casting in to spots where most anglers can’t reach are prime areas for big bass. Fish sitting in those areas are not seeing as many lures passing through, making them less suspicious.

Bass Jigs

The other reason is the skill level required to be effective with jigs. Not only do you need to be able to hit those areas, you need to get used to detecting bites. Jig bites can be really soft, and hard for a novice to detect. Using the right jig rod, keeping your line tight, and paying close attention is essential in jig fishing.

2. Swimbaits

It’s easy to say big baits catch big fish, but that couldn’t be more true when it comes to swimbaits. These new age bass lures get more and more popular as the years go on, and they continue to prove themselves worthy of being on the list of  top big bass lures. Modern anglers are crazy about fishing big swimbaits, in fact it’s not uncommon for some to throw only swimbaits.


With their increasing popularity, big swimbaits are being seen by bass more often and slowly losing their newness. But even with that said, most anglers are not equipped to be throwing these big baits around. These lures weigh from two to as much as three ounces, and require a heavy duty swimbait rod to handle the load.

3. Buzzbaits

Fishing a buzzbait just might be the easiest way to catch a giant bass. There is really no special skill required to be a good buzzbait fisherman, but you do need the right conditions. A buzzbait is a topwater lure, meaning low light conditions like early morning and late evening increase their effectiveness dramatically.


They also work best when there is a light chop on the water surface. So because most anglers don’t throw these baits unless the conditions are right, they don’t get seen by bass nearly as often. But besides that, buzzbaits for whatever reason just get big bass to bite. Take it from Bass Master Pro Denny Brauer in this buzzbait video.

4. Punch Rigs

The biggest bass in the lake are often found in the best hiding spots. One of the most common hiding spots is under thick matted vegetation. These areas are notorious for holding big largemouth bass, and the only way to put a bait in front of them is by punching the vegetation with a punch rig.

When the bait come crashing through the top of the mat and darts toward the bottom it triggers a reaction strike. Bass don’t even have time to think or investigate the bait, the just react by attacking it. This is such a great way to fool an older and wiser bass. But this form of fishing takes a lot of practice and a good punching rod.