Selecting The Best Jigging Rod

Selecting the right jigging rod is the first, and most important decision you need to make if you want to be successful jig fishing. Using the wrong rod will not only affect your casting, but cost you many missed fish. Bass jigs have to overcome obstacles that most lures do not, and without the right rod it’s hard to get a jig to perform correctly and efficiently.

Flipping and Pitching

The first obstacle is the types of areas you want to be casting a jig. Because of their weedguard, jigs are able to get in to some tight areas and thick cover without getting hung up.

However, if a bass bites in those areas it can be difficult to pull it out of there. That’s where having a sturdy rod with a lot of backbone and pulling power is essential.

The weedguard also creates some disadvantages however. It can also prevent you from hooking up with a fish. A solid hookset is crucial in jig fishing. If your rod is too soft you are not going to going to be able to get the hook past the weedguard and bury it in the fish’s mouth. Especially the beefy hooks that jigs typically have.

The best bass rods for jigs are going to be rated for heavy power with fast action tips. A longer rod works really well with jigs, so you want a casting rod that is at least seven feet. So much of jig fishing is about raising and lowering the rod tip. This means the longer the rod the more line you pick up as you raise it.

Jig Rod Specs

Here are the specifications you should have on a rod used for jig fishing:

  • Casting Rod
  • 7′-0″ or longer
  • Heavy Power
  • Fast Action

A jigging rod is not something you want to skimp on, a poorly built rod is not going to have the sensitivity that a well-made rod has. This doesn’t mean you have to go nuts but you shouldn’t spend less than a hundred bucks on a jig rod.

Jig fishing is all about detecting bites. So without a super sensitive rod you’re going to miss a lot of them. And unfortunately it’s the big bass that usually hit jigs lightly.

If you’re looking for a really high quality jig rod we suggest a G. Loomis GCX Jig And Worm Casting Rod. This rod is a perfect setup for fishing jigs in the 3/8 oz to 3/4 oz range.

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