Creature Baits

If there was an award for ugliest bass lure then creature baits would take the prize. Luckily big bass do not agree, since these odd-looking soft plastics are unbelievable at getting them to bite.

These baits resemble exactly what the name describes them as, a creature. These are big and bulky soft baits with appendages for creating movement in the water. Their presentation doesn’t specifically resemble anything a bass may naturally encounter in the water but they eat them anyway.

Some creature baits have more action than others. For example Brush Hog style baits have ribbon tails for more movement while a Beaver style bait is build for more flat, subtle action.

Havok Pit Boss Beaver Bait
Havok Pit Boss

There are also creature baits that have little tabs connecting appendages to the main body of the bait. This gives the angler the choice of breaking the tabs for more action from the appendages or leaving the tab connected for less action.

One of the main reasons that creature baits trigger so many big bites is because they get in to areas that other lures can not. Typically these baits are being flipped in to heavily weeded areas or punched through thick vegetation mats.

These soft plastic baits are mainly designed to be Texas Rigged or used as a jig trailer. But they’re not limited to just jigs and punching. Some anglers will fish them on a Carolina Rig or even swim them.