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Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is used most often in open water or with less cover. It is a great rig when covering lots of water and on missions to seek and destroy bass. The Carolina Rig keeps the lure off the bottom of the body of water and tends to make the lure fall horizontally with a classic stick bait side-to-side “shimmy.”

To set it up, slide a round slip weight on to your line and attach a link swivel. The swivel keeps the weight from sliding down to the hook and keeps your lure a set distance off the bottom. To create a sound attractant on your rig, you can add a glass bead in between the weight and the swivel. Next, attach a leader line to the swivel. The length of your leader will determine what distance from the bottom your worm will suspend. Lastly, tie on a hook to match the size of your lure.

rubber wormYour retrieve should be slow and deliberate as you drag the weight along the bottom of the body of water.