Keitech Swimbaits

Whether fished as a swimbait or a paddle tail trailer, Keitech swimbaits have great options for either application. They make a few different models that differ slightly in how they perform, and the come in a very wide variety of sizes and colors.

Keitech swimbaits have a strong reputation for being some of the most balanced paddle tail swimbaits out there. Some swimbaits tend to lean or “roll” as they are retrieved, especially at faster retrieves. As long as you rig a Keitech properly, you will hardly see them roll on you.

This is largely based on how they are made, but another big contributor is how they are packaged. They come in a firm plastic clamshell package that keeps the baits perfectly straight. This is huge when it comes to performance. The slightest bend in a soft swimbait can have a major negative impact on the swimming action.

They also come with a very strong squid scent that is impregnated in them. This sounds like an odd feature to have on a freshwater lure but largemouth and smallmouth bass love it.

Easy Shiner

Keitech Easy Shiner

The Keitech Easy Shiner is your classic paddle tail swimbait trailer. These baits come in a bunch of different lengths ranging from two to eight inches and have the basic shape of shad. The have a very natural-looking swimming action with a slim profile.

The tail kick on this model is positioned mainly towards the back, giving it more of a subtle action. These are great for cold water, or any other time you want a smaller profile with less erratic kicking action from the tail. This goes for if used as a trailer or rigged as a small swimbait.

Swing Impact

Keitech Swing Impact

If you’re looking for a lot of action in a paddle tail swimbait then it’s hard to beat a Keitech Swim Impact. They have a slim profile so the kicking action starts not far from the head. This gives the bait a big swinging action.

This kind of action is great for murky water, when that big action is going to help draw fish in low visibility. They’re also great in warm water when fish are active and more likely to prey on this presentation.

Swing Impacts are a great choice for a trailer on a swim jig when you want that erratic kicking action. But they are very popular trailer for bladed jigs. This is because the slim body doesn’t dull down the action of the blade.

FAT Swing Impact

Keitech FAT Swing Impact

The most popular model of the three Keitech swimbaits is the FAT Swing Impact. These baits have a larger profile and are great when rigged on their own or as an underspin trailer.

The fatter body of the FAT Swing Impact gives this bait perfect balance. It also pushes the starting point of the kicking action more towards the back of the bait. This gives the bait far less of an erratic kick than the regular Swing Impact.

They come in a large range of sizes from 2.8 inches and getting as big as 7.8 inches. Because of the larger sizes, the FAT Swings really cater to the swimbait crowd.