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BiCO Jig Review

Bico Jig - Black and BlueThe Original BiCO Jig [“bee-ko”] is a 3/8 ounce bass jig that features an original stand-up design. The unique design allows the jig to be fished effectively as a flipping jig, as well as swim jig. They are lead-free and made in the USA.

If you know anything about jigs and you hold one of these, you can tell right away that they are quality baits. In this review we’re going to break down three factors that set The Original BiCO Jig apart from the rest.

They are available at bicojigs.com, on Amazon.com, and E-Bay

1. Head Design

First of all this is a 100% unique head design. There is only one mold in the world and its located in Massachusetts where these jigs are made.

The flat-bottom design makes the jigs stand upright on the bottom, giving jig-and-trailer combinations a lifelike presentation. Watch the video to see it in action.

The head also tapers down to a point at the eyelet. This allows the jig to slip through cover smoothly, especially when being used as a swim jig.

These jigs are especially good for skipping. They are made lead-free, composed of a lightweight metal that allows the head to be larger in size without making it too heavy. It’s the large flat surface, combined with being lightweight that makes it skip exceptionally well.

And being made lead-free makes the jigs is environmentally safe, which is required in most states.

2. OWNER Hooks

Every BiCO Jig comes equipped with an OWNER hook, one of the best hook brands in the world. The hook itself is a wide-gap deep throat model. This claw-shaped hook design has a ninety degree bend on it’s shank that keeps trailers from sliding down while its being fished. No keeper is required on this style hook, preventing trailers from getting torn at the head as they are pulled though cover and attacked by fish.

3. The Weedguard

These jigs feature a stiffer, more elongated weedguard than most are probably used to. At first touch some anglers may be worried about this causing missed hooksets, but the hook angle in conjunction with the head design ensures an excellent hook-up ratio. It has the perfect combination of being extremely weedless while having enough flex for a solid hookset.

In Summary

Bass fishermen of all skill levels would be impressed with these jigs, but especially a seasoned jig fisherman who know what they’re looking at. Like with all bass lures, quality always pays for itself through performance and longevity, and The Original BiCO Jig excel in both categories.

If you want to check them out you can visit bicojigs.com. They’re also available on Amazon, which is a better option if you want to order one or two jigs, or if you just want to read their many great reviews.

If you want to buy more than one jig however, then buying direct from bicojigs.com is more cost effective.

BiCO Jigs