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Drop Shot Rig

If bass are acting picky about what they eat, and don’t seem to want anything you present to them, try moving to plastic worms rigged weedless or wacky on a drop shot. Lures offered with a drop shot presentation often trigger otherwise finicky bass to bite.

Drop Shot Rig

It might be a good idea to downsize your baits to 4-6 inch worms in colors that match the water clarity and cloud cover. Good choices often include purples, junebug, watermelon and pumpkin colors in clearer water and black with blue flake in darker water.

To start, tie the hook onto the line leaving about 7-10 inches of tag line. Leaders can be longer, up to a foot or more, but this is a good starting length. Slide the tag end of the line back through the hook eye from the hook side to the back of the hook and pull. This step will help keep your hook on straight and at a 45 to 90 degree angle on the line. Use an offset hook for wacky rig and a straight hook for weedless.

Next, tie on a slim profile drop shot weight, like a pencil weight or the Lunker City Bakudan Skinny Drop Shot Weight. The slim profile will help prevent snags and hangups in rocks and logs that often accompany bullet weights and similarly shaped weights. The heaviness of the weight will depend in how deep you wish your lure to dive.
Hook your worm and you are ready to roll.

Drop Shotting tends to mimic dead or dying bait and can be used almost anywhere and at any time. In mid-summer, try channels, drop offs, ledges and holes.
Cast, flip, pitch or drop your line into the water between logs, just above grass lines, or right below your boat and let your weight hit the bottom. Once your weight is on sitting on the bottom, just wiggle your rod tip a bit and wait for the bass to start biting! Just a slight twitch from your rod creates amazing action on the worm and bass can’t resist.

The drop shot is considered a finesse technique and is a go to when bass won’t seem to bite.